NYS Licensure with CACB Degree


Anyone have experience getting a NYS license with a CACB accredited degree? I only see language on the NYS website about NAAB accredited programs. NCARB says that NY accepts CACB on their licensure requirement tracker thing, but just interested to know if it's actually that easy or if they've given anyone grief about it. 

Mar 2, 21 2:20 pm

Just call the NY Board, they're very nice and helpful in my experience.  And they have the added advantage of being able to actually tell you the correct answer to your question instead of speculating about what the answer might be.

Mar 2, 21 3:43 pm  · 
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atelier nobody

Also, never trust what NCARB says about any State without checking with the State directly. Most of the State Board web sites are pretty good, but even then it's a good idea to get clarification from a real, live person.

Mar 2, 21 3:46 pm  · 
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