The life of a dinosaur.

After another decade of abuse I need to replace the cover on my drafting table. Unfortunately Alvin is finished and I can't find Vyco / Borco anywhere, everyone is out of stock.

Does anyone have a source for this material? Or a leftover from a roll they wouldn't mind parting with? Or an alternate material to use? Does anyone here even know what Vyco is (was)?

Feb 26, 21 11:05 am

Good morning, Miles. It's good to see you.

My drafting board hasn't seen a new drawing layer in decades, and it makes me sad to hear I may never be able to finally get around to replacing it.

How's life in NY?

Feb 26, 21 11:36 am  · 
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I think Pacific Arc is trying to fill the void after Alvin closed up shop.  I believe PA has rolls you can cut to size or specific sizes available.  Good luck.

Feb 26, 21 11:40 am  · 
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He's alive!

Have you tried finding out where architecture schools are directing their students? These are still common mandatory first-year materials. I wasn't in school that long ago, the student union would normally speak directly with 1-2 local art supply stores a few weeks before the start of classes to ensure they were stocking enough for the upcoming rush.

Feb 26, 21 11:45 am  · 
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Last one I bought was back in 2009(?). I let it go with my drafting table I sold to a SE back in 2016 when I needed to make the home office into a nursery. 

Sad that all these drafting material companies are fading away. Hoping that Miles doesn't fade back into the forums only to ask for drafting materials.

Feb 26, 21 12:08 pm  · 
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Wood Guy

Waltzing in here like it hasn't been a year since we've heard from you...

I don't know where to find new board covers but I have a homemade board with a vinyl cover that I don't use and would be happy to have put to good use. 

Feb 26, 21 12:17 pm  · 
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I have also stacked and taped down 2-3 sheets of mylar drafting film to make a substitute board cover.

Feb 26, 21 12:25 pm  · 

Feb 26, 21 1:28 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

Hi Miles, welcome back.

I tossed out my mayline and cover less than a year ago.  Was badly damaged tho.  Don't think I've seen borco in for ever. 

Feb 26, 21 1:03 pm  · 

hoppers drafting furniture

Feb 26, 21 1:08 pm  · 

I have it. Send me an email.

Feb 26, 21 1:20 pm  · 
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Hi 'Pete - Absurdity is the new reality.

gibbost - Inquiry sent, we'll see if they have anything.

Bench - Archie students are allowed to use pencils!?

EA - Miss me?

Wood Guy - I prefer to sashay.

thisisnot a good source, one small size available.

Non - Mayline rules.

urbanity - nice link to used drafting supplies. That got me on a Mayline parts search: "This item is currently out of stock". Feeling really old now.

thanks b3ta.

Feb 27, 21 10:05 am  · 
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Try Guiry's - they are a small mini-chain of art supply/ drafting/ paint stores in Colorado... they might have old stock they would look at for you. The one I always went to had a cavernous dusty basement with all sorts of drafting stuff in it. I tried to look on their website but it's essentially useless, best to just call!

Mar 1, 21 11:03 am  · 

Lovely to see you Miles!

Feb 27, 21 12:33 pm  · 
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Hi Miles

Mar 1, 21 11:40 am  · 

I found some listed as available at


Now that I see it is not available anywhere... I'm going to recover my table now, and not wait.  

Mar 2, 21 5:49 pm  · 

Still in stock, apprently. They took my money, anyway. Thanks.

Mar 3, 21 9:28 pm  · 

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