Best book, reading, or video about starting a practice - please share!


I would like to know what books or information you have found helpful when starting a practice.  I like to read.

Thank you!

Jan 24, 21 2:19 pm

Jan 27, 21 12:14 am  · 

The gist from that article is that they work 24/7, have no life, and still barely make enough money to survive on.


Architect and Entrepreneur by Eric Reinholdt 1 & 2. I found the first one to be better, the second one focused too much on passive income which I dont see too practical in architecture  ( not saying it can't be done, just not my focus.)

Arts principles is another good one. 

and not architecture related but the E-myth is great for anyone who wants to start a business. 

Feb 25, 21 8:40 am  · 

Read, read and read some more. I've found the knowledge in books to be extremely helpful. I could rifle another 10 books off but those are good to get started. 

Feb 25, 21 8:41 am  · 

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