OMA building where public road splits the building in two ?


I vaguely remember a Rem Koolhaas building where a public road splits his building in two. This makes it a thoroughfare, and the pople inside the building can see people walking along the road.

I believe it was some sort of a community center.

Jan 19, 21 7:55 am
Non Sequitur

Google is your friend.

14miliseconds of work.

You're welcome.

Jan 19, 21 8:20 am  · 

Thanks my man, Tried searching myself. Wasn't able to weed through to the right one. :)


Kunsthal is also split by a road, no google.

Jan 19, 21 8:49 am  · 
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Non Sequitur

No google? Did you use Ask Jeeves instead?


Yahoo! obviously, duh...

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Every time I see that typed I hear it as the yodeling 'yaaaahhooooo'

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