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I'm from India, and I'm applying for master studies abroad; UK and Australia mostly. I already have offers from 3 universities and I'm waiting for more results to come. In the meantime, I'd like to know what people from other parts of the world think of my portfolio. I'm thinking of further applying either to University of Bath's M.Arch (hons) Part 2 course or AA School's Diploma program (both in UK).

I doubt that my folio is strong enough. Care to share your thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

Jan 16, 21 6:58 am

Hey, I appreciate the balance of imagery and white space in your portfolio. Here are a couple of suggestions:

-Remove the self assessed dots in the skillset section.

-For work experience, put your latest position first.

-Try and make the Hexagon Communities project onto one spread, since it is only two pages. 

-Some of the text in the body paragraphs is really light? It's almost illegible because of that.  

-Maybe you could show some process work in a couple of places as well. 

Good luck on your applications! 

Jan 17, 21 4:45 pm  · 
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Thanks. Your suggestions make sense. But apart from folio organisation related points, do you think the projects are strong and portray somewhat of an integrity of the designer?


I want to read through the portfolio but I can't because of the text.


Hi. Maybe change the project names. What is hexagon communities? It looks amateur. Also urban design!! 

Explain your project with interesting name. Text is as imp as images. 

Jan 17, 21 5:13 pm  · 
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