Can you help identify the style of my house


Could anyone tell me what the architectural style of my house would be considered?  It was built around 1880

Jan 15, 21 5:17 pm
Wood Guy

It might have been considered Italianate at one point, but the only identifying detail left under the vinyl is the peak over the attic window. Where I am, real estate agents would call it a New Englander. I'd call it farmhouse style. It was built during the Victorian era so you could call it a Victorian if you want; it doesn't refer to a specific style. 

Jan 15, 21 5:23 pm  · 
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Non Sequitur

I don't think you know what style means.  Not every house has a style, that's slimy realtor marketing jive.

This particular example is nothing more than forgettable background noise.  Likely a cheap colonial revival house or craftsman attempt at first but suffers from too many renovations from the home despot discount bin. Wiffs of QA or 2ndE due to the front window.

Jan 15, 21 5:27 pm  · 
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Wood Guy

Doesn't Second Empire always have Mansard roofs? Good call on Queen Anne, that didn't come to mind for some reason.

Most of my clients would call this a Colonial because I can't convince them that every two-story home is not a Colonial.

Non Sequitur

I said wiffs... not smoking gun evidence. I do like a good mansard roof tho.

Wood Guy

French Canadians and their Mansard roofs! ;-) I'm in a real estate investor forum where about once a week someone asks if they can replace the lower portion of a mansard or gambrel roof with siding. And many commenters say yes!

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the mailbox is a cheap cheap colonial revival revival!

Jan 15, 21 6:18 pm  · 

Haha oh no my Little Free Library is my pride and joy

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i like shutters that don't shut

Jan 15, 21 6:26 pm  · 
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If you get enough siding they sometime give you a discount on the shutters.

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1880 you say, has it been renovated? hint hint

Jan 15, 21 6:41 pm  · 

Crappy North American clapboard siding style...!

They served their purpose about 100 years ago, time to move on!

Jan 15, 21 7:58 pm  · 

That poor house has been abused over the years, but I'd guess there's a lovely farmhouse hiding under all that vinyl.

Jan 15, 21 8:19 pm  · 
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looks crooked

Jan 15, 21 8:33 pm  · 

Early Beater Chic Style

(Farmhouse Style)

Jan 16, 21 12:00 am  · 

It's a farmhouse, which is a version of the stick style subset of the Victorian. The projecting window at the front also indicate the Victorian influence as does the 1880s build date. 

Jan 16, 21 6:55 am  · 
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It is a decent looking, very simple house that either had a lot of details taken off of it or was a simple no frills house built, probably over decades, to house a large family. It looks like the no nonsense New England farmhouses and tenement houses in small mill towns. It probably had a little more trim on the outside under the eves and maybe turned wooden post on the porch but I would be shocked if it looked much more dressed up than it is now.  If I would assign a style it is a Georgian/ Adam/ Greek revival, but it is hard to tell with the more utilitarian houses that either lost or never had decorations and architectural features.  I don't think it was Italiante as the style typically has deep roof overhangs.

It is a simple no frills old house that grew over time to house a family. Additions are a fact of life in older homes if you visit any pre-revolutionary war home you find a long line of additions and out buildings that were subsumed into the growing hulk of the house as it expanded to suit the needs of the growing families.

It is a tidy house in good state of repair (based on the photos) with features built to suit the needs and comfort of the family living there. Not every house will have a history or a design pedigree, nor should we start adding decorations just to give it a style.

Over and OUT

Peter N

Jan 18, 21 12:01 pm  · 
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On the fence


Jan 19, 21 9:42 am  · 

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