Dedicated To Designing

I am creating this post for all who design, and have interest in design! From architects to automotive, we’re all artist, and that’s what connects us all, so let’s share thoughts, ideas and knowledge, to grow bigger and better ourselves!
Nov 16, 20 11:58 am

I am creating this reply for all who know that sir, this is a Wendy's.

Nov 16, 20 11:59 am  · 
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I look at this replay and wonder as I actually have over 16 Wendy's projects in different phase of design and construction

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Non Sequitur

I am creating this reply for all who appreciate snarky responses.

Nov 16, 20 12:02 pm  · 
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First comment! Let’s go everybody! Happy Monday!

Nov 16, 20 12:09 pm  · 

I am creating this post for all humans, and those humans who have interest in other humans. Humanity is what connects us all- so share your most humanly human thoughts on your fellow human beings, and the world will truly be more humane!

Nov 16, 20 12:12 pm  · 
atelier nobody

But if you ever take your helmet off, you're not a real human. This is the Way.

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Beautiful comment, fellow human
Nov 16, 20 12:24 pm  · 

I'm dedicated to pooping on company time.

Nov 16, 20 3:09 pm  · 
Wood Guy

I'm a principal in design, still waiting for the interest. 

Nov 16, 20 4:28 pm  · 
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Anyone needs a freelancing drafted, or a guu for renderings or whatever?
Nov 18, 20 10:01 am  · 

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