Do we need both RIBA and ARB? - Your Opinion


Hi everyone, I'm doing my MArch course at the moment and been asked to find people's opinions on the relationship between RIBA and ARB.

In your opinion do you think that it is relevant to have both RIBA and ARB? 

If so why?

Oct 31, 20 2:44 pm

Hi Reffy

The ARB is a 'statutory regulator', looking after the use of the title 'Architect' vs the legal requirements, code of conduct etc. If you want to call yourself an architect in the UK you have to be on their register.

The RIBA is effectively a 'club' that furthers the interests of the profession. Because of its history the institute has a 'standing'/reputation within the wider public so the use of 'RIBA' after your name carries weight. In 21st century terms it is more than just a club but also a 'brand'. Membership is of course optional.

The RIBA has a lot of resources for practices and professionals which I personally did not discover until I started practising on my own. For this it is a one stop shop. However these days a lot of those resources are free, from the RIBA itself as well as on the internet as a whole. So for me the RIBA has to show its true value to us through what it can do as a community amongst architects but especially helping small/emerging practices communicate to the outside world and win new work. They have recently revamped 'Find an Architect' but the BIID (interiors) does a much better job.

FYI I decided not to continue my RIBA membership.

Nov 2, 20 4:18 am  · 

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