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I have a general question about grad school applications regarding recommenders (for M.Arch programs)...

Is it best to ask 3 profs who I am very close with despite none of them being my current or previous studio professors?

Would it be suggested that I include at least one studio professor along with my letter writers? My reason for asking this is because my intended letter writers are not studio professors, but they know me far better than my studio professors and I have also known them for longer. I'd say I am generally quiet in studio(s) whereas I'm completely open with the three intended. However,, if suggested, I am sure my studio profs would be able to reflect on my academic work during studio classes as I've had a few studio profs for multiple years.

Oct 31, 20 12:17 am

Am writing one right now.  I'd suggest (at least) one of the three be from a studio instructor; choose the likeliest to sing your praises there.  The other two, from your admirers in other classes, can balance you out for the Committee.

Oct 31, 20 12:44 am  · 
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PS. While it's fresh in my mind: do yourself and potential referee a favor by including in your email request a concise reminder of who you are, what course(s) of theirs you took, and any notable projects or work you did that would jog their memory. 

You can add to this information later, of course, but at the outset it can be a huge help for any instructors who've taught dozens (or even hundreds) of students since your time with them.

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