Short Course Recommendations (4-5 months)


Hey there, I'm a graduate with about a years experience. I'm not very keen on doing a masters since it doesn't align with my goals. But I would like to take up a short course that would gain me knowledge and let me meet new people. 

Is it worth taking up summer schools after you've graduated? Or would it be wiser to take up specialised courses instead? My interests lie in Green Design and Interiors. I enjoy micro detailing. Will such courses add weight to a resume and is it likely to make you more employable? 

This was one of the courses I was looking at. Any inputs on this would be welcome!“Tropical,for%20international%20students%20and%20graduates.

Can anybody here recommend any such courses to me? I'm looking at countries like Singapore, Australia, Italy or anywhere in Europe.

Oct 28, 20 11:12 pm

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