Epq ‘to why extent do eco-friendly buildings impact society?’


Hi, I am a student currently studying for my A levels in England and I have started doing research for my epq, which is like an extra qualification you can do on top of a levels. You can do a 5000 word essay or create an artifact, I have chooses to do an essay and I would like some general ideas or information related to my question, ‘to what extent does eco-friendly buildings impact society?’

Feel free to suggest any improvements to the title or relevant information, it would be really helpful for my research.

Some question I thought would be useful to the question, if anyone could answer it would be useful.

How important is the environment in terms of architecture and design?

What designs can impact the environment positively/reduce effects of climate change?

To what extent do architects consider the environment when designing a building?

How important are materials, colour and layout in impacting individuals?

Also any countries that particularly focus on the environment and how this impacts society but positively and negatively, I’ve been looking at countries such as Denmark so far.

Also any relevant architects that focus on the topic or topics that relates to my question.

Any information would be appreciated.

Oct 22, 20 11:50 am
Non Sequitur

um... you won't get very far in school if you need to crowd source your research.  How about you make an effort and do some work yourself?

Oct 22, 20 11:53 am  · 

Hi I’ve done plenty or research and read articles on my topic I just want some other opinions from individuals who have experience in the field more than I do as I can only study architecture at uni level. I’m not trying to crowd source I just want some extra opinion or relevant info.


All of the questions you posted are subjective, and therefore, you can easily come up with answers on your own. No one architect is going to give the same answer to any of these questions, and no architect's answer is going to be the "correct" one.

1  · 

I'll help you with the title, it should be "to WHAT extent, etc.etc." not WHY extent

Oct 22, 20 1:32 pm  · 
Wood Guy

5000 words isn't much. I would pick one of your topics and research it thoroughly. My own practice is focused on reducing our buildings' impact on climate change. Here's an article I wrote about it a couple of years ago: https://www.finehomebuilding.c.... (I probably edited down 20K words to get to a 2K article length.)

Oct 22, 20 3:52 pm  · 

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