Residential Draftsman degree?


Hi. I am ready to go back to work after 16 years home with my kids. I don't even know where to start or what the possibilities are at my age.   I formerly worked in interior design and did many homes from the ground up as well as many remodels.  I have a BS from Vanderbilt University as well as many design school credits...I can draft by hand and have done enough remodels and builds to know the lingo - as well as strong design skills.   My dream would have been to pursue architecture but somehow time flies and it was not to be.  At this point I am interested in pursuing being a residential draftsman.  

1. What degrees are necessary to pursue becoming a draftsman?  

2. Does anyone had experience with online programs or programs close to Thousand Oaks, CA. I would love to attend school in person but that may be impossible as I still am the primary caregiver for my kids.

3.  Would love any advice or input.


Oct 18, 20 10:47 pm

Try your local community college.

Some offer a two or three year Architectural Technician/technologist programmes.

Because of COVID, most courses are being taught on line.

By the way, hardly anybody does drafting by hand now days - except for early schematic designs - computers are the name of the game.

Oct 19, 20 8:53 am  · 

Definitely an associates degree from a community college.   CAD and Revit coursework would be good,  some places will have classes in things like residential construction that may be helpful as well. 

Oct 19, 20 9:08 am  · 
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no degree required - you have a degree from a good institution that will look good on your resume

you may however need access to software for a few weeks to learn what is expected and that's where the local comm college may be able to help out: providing guided instruction and access to very expensive software

Oct 19, 20 3:52 pm  · 

I have found a center that teaches CAD programs....what software is most used in the industry?

Non Sequitur

autocad and revit, both are autodesk products.

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1. Degree not required. If you are going to do residential drafting then learning how to use CAD and Revit (or other BIM software like Archicad) will be good to get under your belt.

2. If you plan to design houses, it is much more than just drafting. There is another set of knowledge and skills for designing. You will want to learn about basic art/ basic design 2d & 3d and principles of architectural design. If you have this, great. Then it progresses towards various technical subjects and technical design stuff. I'm keeping it short.

Ultimately, you'll need both #1 and #2 when you start doing residential design services because you'll also need the drafting skills to prepare the submittal documents for permits for clients.

Oct 20, 20 10:56 pm  · 

Thanks! I will definitely find a program for CAD and Revit. I practiced design for many years and still have requests to do homes...I no longer want to source furniture, pick paints and fabrics... and play psychologist or salesman...I much prefer behind the scenes and drafting floor plans, space planning etc. Would even be happy to be totally behind the scenes and work for a architect.


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