Hello, for budgeting the project it usually use the standart price, I want to know what is the term for this list of standard price?

Oct 18, 20 7:56 pm
Non Sequitur

Not sure if stupid Or instructions unclear - Futurama Fry | Meme Generator


Oct 18, 20 8:44 pm  · 

"It's the soup of the day"

Oct 18, 20 8:58 pm  · 
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Budgeting is easy.  Start with the money you have to spend, then take the square footage you want to get, and divide them.  Next step, go around to contractors and keep reducing the SF until they stop laughing you out of their offices.  Finally, go find an architect with your contractor "approved" budget.

Oct 22, 20 3:43 pm  · 
  1. build a 1:1 scale model of the project
  2. Place dollar bills one square foot o.c 
  3. Continue to stack dollar bills one square at a time until you run out of money 
  4. Count a stack
  5. That’s your price psf budget. 
  6. Gather all money up
  7. Hire an architect
Oct 22, 20 4:01 pm  · 
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This would work too. I like this because it's obviously what happens in real life, after the change orders and the contractor's cut, and developer's, all the subs get paid etc, seems like there's no money left!  Then hire the architect

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Le Courvoisier

Make sure to go low so you can nickel and dime the owner with change orders later. That’s how the GCs do it.

Oct 22, 20 4:50 pm  · 
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