Anybody here from Vancouver?


Hi guys, if you anyone here is from Vancouver and has a construction site that I am able to visit with my team for our school project. I am extremely aware that it is inconvenient especially during corona, but we just need to look at around the site and take pictures. If anybody is nice enough to let us take a look that will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Sep 30, 20 12:47 am

Are you a UBC student?

I haven't explored UBC for a while but it should have a lot of projects going on. Some 13 years ago we were able to get on a construction site for student residences. The site foreman was happy to show us around for a bit so we could take a few photos of details etc...

I'd start on the university grounds. Your professors should also have some connections. 

Construction is busy in the province right now, but you'll find that contractors are trying to limit to single trade when they can and should be documenting who is coming to and from site.

Sep 30, 20 1:55 am  · 

Hi thanks for the info much appreciated, and no I am not an UBC student, im a BCIT student so I dont really have any connections with the prof, thanks


Have you reached out to any of the major local development companies, such as Concord Pacific, Onni, or West Bank? They all have active projects in construction right now, and self-perform on a lot of their work.

Sep 30, 20 1:04 pm  · 

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