Best way to learn PYTHON?

It seems with all the recent neural networks and AI developments python is the key language to know. Whats the most convenient way to learn it? There are apps like Mimi for your phone which teach Python, is that sufficient for basics or is python in architecture framework more specific?

Sep 21, 20 11:06 am

Hi Bogdan,

I am myself interested in learning Python for architectural use. I am currently looking into this course. It is free, self-paced and I think that it offers a good introduction into the subject.

Of course there are other resources and if you are a student you could possibly take Python courses as electives at your university. 

Sep 21, 20 6:32 pm  · 
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I used automate the boring stuff along with w3 to get me up to speed.

Sep 23, 20 9:40 pm  · 

I've been doing some slow reading + practicing with the book LPTHW, I have yet to know how I'll use it but it's pretty fun!

Sep 24, 20 1:04 am  · 

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