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I'm looking for some opinions on whether I should change my portfolio/work before applying for jobs. 

I have graduated BA in Arch in June 2019, took a gap year and currently not working in the field, but want to try and apply for a professional position after January. Applying obviously involves presenting your portfolio and your undergrad projects, and what can I say.. I'm not that happy with them, not necessarily as a whole, because I wouldn't change the concept and ideas, but the visual presentation, the renderings, sketches: basically the final outcome of what is being put into a portfolio. Over a year later now, I'm wondering should I redo them? I'm looking for some professional advice, I tried reading on the subject and found some mixed opinions. That the work should be kept as it was, some frowned upon changing too much, others say it might be worth doing it. 

Any input? 

Sep 19, 20 3:14 pm

Present your work in the best way possible in order for you to get that job, if that means redoing some visuals, do it.

Sep 19, 20 3:41 pm  · 
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You can definitely (and probably should if you're unhappy with it) change the visual presentation of your projects, and re-touch renderings as needed. Sketches should be left the heck alone though, they're your thought process 

Sep 19, 20 3:44 pm  · 

Redo sketches as well, as needed. Do you think architects magically pull those amazing sketches out of a hat at the beginning of a project to show process or concept, it’s usually the last thing that is done before submitting a project to a client or competition

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And retouched afterwards many many times.


Work is work.

If you do it yourself, even if it's after the class is over, you shouldn't feel bad about it. I used to have an issue with this, because it felt like people were cheating because they weren't able to do it during their studio so they should be showing what they ended up with, not what they were able to do after so everyone was on fair footing. But in hindsight, I feel that was petty, and not reflective of this profession, which never so one and done as a studio in school. Time management is important, as are skills, and work ethic. But these are not as easily judged based on weather or not what you did turned out well. Even the process of putting it into a portfolio at all is an opportunity where most people manipulate the quality of their work, so everyone is doing it, even if they don't admit it. 

Sep 20, 20 7:01 pm  · 
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work portfolios are to show skills and experience. they're not viewed as a fair competition between candidates and not scored on any kind of scale - it's not a contest. there is no effort or requirement to give candidates a fair judgment (because it isn't a judgment). the portfolio on the bottom of the pile gets tossed, the one that gets sent to the right person on the right day gets the job regardless of comparative merit, if it meets the minimum requirements . whatever a candidate can do to show an accurate but positive view of their skills is desirable and acceptable.


If you want real advice, put your portfolio up for real critic and opinion. We probably can gauge on whether we feel it is an average portfolio that stands a chance or terrible one that definitely needs work. As far as whether to redo, remember at this stage it is all about time as money. You put in your time and effort in order to improve it and get hired. You could try to use portfolio as is, and see if you land a job. You can further develop it if you can't land a job. You may not land a job at all even if you did all the portfolio upgrade because of your gap year after graduation and terrible market from covid. I would honestly suggest post an issuu portfolio link, but then i have met some arrogant recent grads that think people will steal their portfolio work. It is just funny how some recent grads think their stuff is worth anything. So, it is up to you. 

Sep 20, 20 8:59 pm  · 
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