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I’m a current senior Civil Engineering major at Syracuse with a minor in Architecture. I am looking to pursue a Master’s in Architecture preferably in the Greater Boston Area. So far I decided to apply to:

UIUC (Really interested in the the joint program with Structural Engineering)

RISD (top choice)



MIT (applying because it’s in Boston and has a well known program even though it might be difficult to get into)


I was wondering if anyone could tell me about other schools that would be good to apply to in the Boston area. I am really interested in knowing about Wentworth and BAC (Boston Architectural College). Which one would be better? I know BAC is open admissions so I was thinking applying as a safety so I can end up in Boston.

Sep 11, 20 8:29 pm

This ranking might help-

Sep 12, 20 12:24 pm  · 
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Thank you for thinking of joining The Boston Architectural College. Our mission compels us to strive towards equity in technological resources; provide learning opportunities that go well beyond our classrooms; embrace the differences found in our diverse student population; engage faculty who are the leaders in their professions; and prioritize experiential-based education where students work at firms on the cutting-edge of the design professions. You aren’t just getting an education, you are joining a community and professional network that has been in Boston for over 130 years―with roots extending well beyond our campus! --The Boston Architectural College 

Sep 14, 20 5:58 pm  · 
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anyone else have suggestions? I decided not to apply to UIUC because I want to be in Boston.

Nov 28, 20 10:07 pm  · 

Hey! I just finished undergrad at MIT in 2020. I'd be happy to talk to you about the city, the MIT program, and my general impression of some local schools (although I don't know a ton about other programs in the area, I have vague impressions on some of them). I assume by now you already have a final list of schools (assuming you're applying this cycle).

Dec 28, 20 10:18 pm  · 
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