HELP!! I'm having trouble with my portfolio and school selections


So, I'm a prospective student applying for fall of 2021 college terms and it has just come to my attention that the majority of the schools I've been researching require me to submit portfolios.

Now, don't misunderstand me, I do have an artistic history, but not a history that is architecture related. And I don't have nearly enough works as most of these schools require. I thought I had my options set in stone, but I guess I overlooked this part and I need help before it's too late for my applications to turn in.

I'm also confused on how the degree types correlate to certain years. I'd like to go into Architectural design, but I've heard that takes you on the 4 + 2 year path, which I'm not against, I just need clarification on it.

I'm not sure if this helps any but I'm strictly looking for schools in California. I was looking at these schools in particular, but I don't know which do/don't require portfolios:

Cal Poly(San Luis Obispo and/or Pomona), Academy of Art University, Otis College of Art and Design, Art Center College of Design, California College of the Arts, University of Southern California, Southern California Institute of Architecture, Woodbury University, National University, University of California(Los Angeles), and MiraCosta College

Jul 30, 20 9:29 pm

Your portfolio does not need to be architecture based at all. Instead, they prefer seeing less of it so that you will be teachable/ready to mold into their pedagogy. The main takeaway is to show your potential and breadth of skills. I made mine in one semester as my HS art teacher had me crank out work of different mediums each 3-4 weeks.

You need to do more research on what kind of program you would be interested in. The art schools and SCI Arch are purely design focus, the technical schools are focused on drafting and basic design skills, USC and Woodbury are more well rounded. Go on tours, speak to students/faculty and look at their work to get a sense of what you would want to amass to. 

What kind of college experience do you want? Something more traditional (even though you won't have a whole of extra time for frats, football games, etc but occasionally possible) or do you just want to be stuck in studio eating, shiting, sleeping architecture? 

I would apply solely to 5 year B.ARCH programs as they won't require you to go to grad school after for licensure. It is 10 semesters of studio so it is arguably the most prestigious undergraduate design degree. The 4 year BS/BA in Architecture is much more exploratory as you are only required to take 4 semesters of studio. It is a better route if you want room in your schedule to take other courses in/out of the school of architecture. You don't get nowhere near the amount of financial aid for undergrad compared to grad school so I'd take advantage of it. 

Aug 7, 20 9:55 am  · 
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​4 year bs in architecture requires 8 semesters of studio in many schools.

Aug 7, 20 2:12 pm  · 

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