Amsterdam Pre-Masters: Experience and then MArch Elsewhere?


Hi there,

So I wanted to know if anyone here had done the Pre-Masters at the Architecture Academy in Amsterdam? 

I asked them to put me in touch with students but they said they couldn't.

Moreover,  I wanted to know if students of the Pre-Master had gone on to do Masters anywhere else others than the Academy itself? I ask because they state on their website that admission to the Masters isn't automatic (obviously), but then I need to know what my options would be after, if any other institution recognises this. 

Also since it's only evening classes, if anyone knew if it would be difficult to get a part-time English-speaking job to supplement myself there, it would be helpful.

Jul 10, 20 5:34 am


Dec 16, 20 5:32 am  · 

define "anywhere else" and take it from there...

Dec 16, 20 7:49 pm  · 

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