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if there are any graduates of building science/diagnostics programs here in the US or Canada, I have some questions. 

-is there a practical difference between Architectural engineers and building scientists?

-do you classify yourself as engineers or architects? 

-are you eligible for professional engineering registration?

-what kind of role do you work in?

Jul 8, 20 1:01 pm

building scientists are rare in the US

it would be hard to call it a profession...more of a niche consultancy in private practice, though it is growing

university research programs exist getting funding through department of energy grants

(others here may have a closer finger on the pulse of this field better than me, tho)

Jul 8, 20 1:06 pm  · 

Yes you can get professional engineering designation 

Jul 8, 20 1:26 pm  · 

Universality of Waterloo has a good program and would probably have some of the answers your looking for

Non Sequitur

one of the best, actually. Dr. Straube for the win.

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Thanks! I'm just curious as to whether this applies to folks with a bachelors in architecture and mattress in building


Yikes. And masters in building science*?

Non Sequitur

I've worked with several and even had one as a building science prof while in grad school.  Those I've worked with are as building envelop and LEED consultants.  They are typically retained by the client on large projects to act as a 2nd line of defense for big ticket items within the project... such as high performance unitized curtainwall assemblies, HVAC, Seismic, wind-load, etc.

Jul 8, 20 1:34 pm  · 
t a z

A lot of people in a building physics role in the states come from a Mechanical Engineering background.

There may be actual building science / physics degree programs in Europe.

Jul 8, 20 7:52 pm  · 
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Building Science  / Engineering Technology is a very popular side professions associated with the building industry.  For us as architects we use many of them who specialize in;

- Energy advisors / Energy modelling / Envelope / Building performance

Many are straight up engineers but many just like the more academic aspect associated with those roles or crunching numbers .

Jul 9, 20 6:07 pm  · 

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