siding and deck material options for la hillside/high fire severity zone?


just seeing if anyone is using something other than stucco/hardie planks for siding and dex-o-tex for the deck?

Jul 6, 20 3:44 pm

metal, concrete, heavy timber, treated lumber

Jul 6, 20 4:43 pm  · 
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Don't forget masonry; brick, stone, cmu, etc. Also precast, tilt-up but those aren't residential feel.

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Look at the Cal Fire building material listing online. Particular woods and other composite products are pretty doable. Redwood and Western Red Cedar are commonly allowable with specific dimensions depending on use and profile, but you need to look at local requirements, since most jurisdictions have modifications to the code that narrow what is allowable, and it can vary pretty wildly. I think Beverly hills is really restrictive for example. 

Jul 6, 20 4:52 pm  · 
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