Template for ADA Standards: Residential and Commercial


Hi all! 

What would be the best approach to developing an architecture template with ada notes and details for residential and commercial? Should I just screenshot/crop straight out of the ADA Standards for Accessible Design and paste them into my sheets? Is there a resource out on the web that could help me develop the template. Please advise. 

Jul 2, 20 12:48 pm
Non Sequitur

Why would anyone hire you if all you're going to do is copy/paste shit onto the drawings?  Anyone can do this.

How about you design and annotate your projects in a way that reflects the critical ADA code reqs as well as your design intentions.

Jul 2, 20 12:52 pm  · 
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Hey Non Sequitur,

Hope all is well with you. I agree with anyone could do that and I eventually detailed the design with the call outs and annotations. I guess my question is more about the generic applications. Its sounds like some architects throw in a few sheets of generic ada standards into the set and call it good. My draft included "copy and paste" sheet along with details of the standards applied to the architectural design. I'm just curious if there is a resources out there that could help me put all together with efficiency and clarity. Maybe something like the 2030 Palette. 


Catch-all ADA sheets do not protect you from liability if your project does not incorporate the required ADA elements, and if your project is compliant these sheets are, at best, a way for code officials to beat you up when they inevitably find the one thing you drew incorrectly. Don't waste your staff's time drawing these sheets (sheets that need to be combed through every few years, requiring even more overhead). Instead, use the time to have your staff learn how to accommodate everyone, able-bodied or not.

Jul 2, 20 12:59 pm  · 
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Hi SneakyPete, okay, so sounds like you're saying the same thing as Non Sequitur: detail the architectural design accordingly to the standards. Forget the "catch all sheets" Focus on accommodating all with the application of the details.

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