the placement of BLM/DC/L'Enfant/Golden Mean etc...Lighting Strikes!

Q's image below inspired me to drink me beer, speed read some "The sacred geometry of Washington, D.C." by Nicholas Mann, free online copy if you check it out at Archive., just returned my reading...and just jam to some stoner rock rock like The Spacelords

I won't make any speculative meaning notes - just want to point out the obvious in occurences here.

The white house did not land exactly whereL-Enfantwanted it to.

Golden mean radius from capital at 1.61803398875

lands pretty much at Lafayette Square

see Mann's images below on ideal placement of the Executive Power (I'm leaving out his interpretation intentionally)

PH is where the white house should of been based on all the geometries used in L-Enfant's plan, but PH1 is where it landed.

PH is where this happened.

BLM Painting/Lafayette Square/White House - Places

Lightning - Energy at Lafayette Square.

Noted occurences.

Jun 6, 20 6:08 pm

*Mann - Notes

Jun 6, 20 7:46 pm  · 

* Fibonacci and Golden Mean Ratio


Golden ratio and Fibonacci numbers in art and life. | Download ...

Jun 6, 20 7:53 pm  · 
revolutionary poet

oh, but you forgot this bit buddy, at the end of the triangle projecting from the white house, the first architect Roman Prize winner's little temple at 16th and S!

drunk, and you think you can figure the secrets of society out in a few horus...I mean hours.

Jun 6, 20 7:58 pm  · 



you first wrote Horus?


The Illuminati did it.  

Jun 6, 20 8:40 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

But who controls the Illuminati?


To that point Jimmy Kimmel must be Illumaniti, on June 3rd he wished for this and then the lightning happened a day later into the night.

revolutionary poet

Upon further review, the longing for a larger orchestrated plan will be of no success with this filter, but here is a list of Rome Prize winners from Pope to Kahn - Architects:

1897 - John Russell Pope

1909  - Harry Edward Warren

1911  -  Ernest Farnum Lewis

1912  - Edgar Irving Williams

1913  - Richard Haviland Smythe

1914  - George Simpson Koyl

1917  - William J.H. Hough

1919  - Raymond McCormick Kennedy

1920  - Philip Trammell Shutze

1922  - James Henry Chillmanl

1923  - James Kellum Smith

1923 -  Frederick J. Woodbridge

1925  - Henri Gabriel Marceau

1926  - Arthur Francis Deam

1928  - William Douglas

1928  - George Fraser

1928   - Stuart Maclaren Shaw

1929   - Clarence Dale Badgeley

1930  - Homer Fay Pfeiffer

1931  - Cecil C. Briggs

1932  -  Burton Kenneth Johnstone

1933 - Henry D. Mirick

1933  - Walter L. Reichardt

1936  -  Olindo Grossi

1936  - Robert A. Weppner

1937  - George T. Licht

1938   - Richard W. Ayers

1939  - Richard Gardner Hartshorne

1940  - Violet H. Iversen

1940  -  Erling F. Iverson

1947  - George Howe

1948  -  Walker O. Cain

1948  - Frederic S. Coolidge

1948 -  Charles D. Wiley

1949 - James R. Lamantia

1950  - George Howe 

1950 - David L. Leavitt

1951 - Dale Claude Byrd

1951 - Spero Daltas

1951 - Henri V. Jova

1951 - Louis I. Kahn

Jun 7, 20 9:12 am  · 

The other lightning strike was the Washington Monument, see pic below.

The chosen site was located at the intersection of the White House and The Capitol, designed by architect Robert Mills, but was not structurally sound-  so it moved.  Jefferson Pier is at the actual intersection.  According to Mann, lots of 6's involved here in the geometry in relation to the Sun...Ra Ra Ra

affected by lightning, both soldiers were from the South Carolina Army National Guard, hey Robert Mills is from South Carolina...

Well, bummer man, it gets hit a lot by lightning...and it's also not in the correct location with regard to the "Sacred Geometry" of DC.

on Ligthning Rods - Joseph Henry

Jun 7, 20 2:42 pm  · 
revolutionary poet

does the math work out?  any Golden Means?

Jun 12, 20 9:42 pm  · 
revolutionary poet

ran the numbers based on template provided /\

2.527778 black
2.090278 lives
2.916667 matter

now, BLM

2+12+13 = 27

Jun 12, 20 9:52 pm  · 

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