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I'm based in the midwest and NYC, looking into designing a home for a family member in Phoenix. I have no idea about new construction costs out there, and being from NYC most of my cost expectations are based from expensive NYC renovation projects. They are looking at properties perhaps near the Phoenix Mountains preserve. 

They want something modern, though don't have a huge budget. I'm wondering if it would be in the realm of reality to target $150/sf construction costs for a reasonably nice but economical home, think "thrifty Dwell" type project. Being in Phoenix they likely won't have huge amounts of glazing, and quite possible all one level. Ideally, we'd be able to target some sustainability initiatives, high R value, solar roof, etc. Not passive but low energy use would be a goal. 

Any insight appreciated! Next step would be how to find a decent GC who could give us preliminary estimates....

May 27, 20 4:01 pm

Step 1: Price per sq. ft.

Step 2: GC

Step 3: Wonder why it's a terrible house.

May 27, 20 4:28 pm  · 
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start at $300/ft w/ expectations set at "modest but quality methods/matls"

otherwise you will just be banging your head

May 27, 20 5:30 pm  · 
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Boy, this ^^^ hasn’t aged well… wonder if OP ever got this project bid out by now…?

Dec 2, 22 10:46 am  · 
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