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So I am torn between pursuing Architecture or Graphic Design and I need expert advice.

I took architecture for 3 years back in my country but I wasn’t able to finish it due to me and my mom migrating in the US. And when I moved, none of my architecture classes were credited so I had to start college all over again (it took me a while to accept that) Now after 2 years, I am finishing my AA and have to transfer to a University this fall term and I am so torn if I should still pursue architecture for these reasons: 

1. I am pressured with time as I am now already 22 and architecture takes 5 years, plus 2-3 years of apprenticeship and then Masters before taking the licensure exam to actually be an architect. 

2. I don’t want to spend that much time in school anymore. I feel like I’m at a point where I want to start my actual career and not deal with anymore unnecessary anxiety. 

Those are the main reasons I could think of so far. So I don’t know what to do. I don’t have any background knowledge with Graphic Design but I feel like it’s the one closest to Architecture that doesn’t require a loooong time to have a degree. (I still have to my research about it)  So my main question is, if you were me, would you still pursue architecture or take Graphic design instead? 

May 4, 20 9:12 pm
You can transfer to an accredited 5 year bachelors program and the. You don’t have to do a masters after. Also, if you have a 2year AA you should be able to get out of some classes... you’ll still probably have to do 4-5 years since it won’t really help with your studio sequence. But 5 is a max if you want it to be.

Don’t know what is industry standard for graphic design, but most of the ones I know have 4 year degrees. Less hastle after, but I don’t see a big advantage there.
May 4, 20 9:34 pm  · 

I finished a bachelor in mechanical engineering and got to work for about a year and a half in the field. I really liked the area but I felt that I wanted to do something more creative with my life. I'm 30 now and I'm halfway through a beaux arts degree. (Big change I know) but I couldn't be happier. The funny part is that I actually have had the opportunity of using my engineering knowledge in the arts field. 

Visualize yourself 10 years from now as both professionals, the architect and the graphic designer, this puts another perspective in your decision. I know that studying can seem like a big hill to climb as you grow in age, but it's totally worth it.

May 5, 20 8:00 am  · 
Witty Banter

You've misunderstood the requirements for licensure a bit.  If you have a 5 year degree (B.Arch) you don't need a Masters in addition.  The "apprenticeship" (AXP) is correct.  That being said while it simplifies things to be able to use the title Architect, it is in no way required.  I've worked with Principles that have 40+ years of experience that aren't licensed.  I would still recommend young professionals work towards licensure as soon as they can but it isn't as big of a deal as many make it out to be.  Unless you are a sole practitioner you aren't stamping your drawings anyway.

Now back to your actual inquiry.  The response above about visualizing your career is useful.  I would also suggest you consider what options each degree provides you.  My former partner from college (M.Arch) went on to work in graphic design after college.  She had strong graphic skills and was able to create a portfolio to start that career path.  While I'm sure there is an example of a GD major landing an entry level job in Architecture, I would imagine the frequency is much less.  In my opinion an Architecture degree is more likely to land you a job in the GD world than a GD degree will land you a job in Architecture.  When you're unsure the flexibility has value.

May 5, 20 10:11 am  · 

I was not in a similar situation but thought about a similar question. At that time I was very dependent on my parents and it was they who gave me very useful advice: the main is the thing that is important and interesting for you, it doesn’t matter how much time you spend on studying if you are going to do something you don't like.

May 5, 20 11:04 am  · 
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I heard a very relevant quote that reminded me of this post. I'm surprised I was able to find it again. "Architects are a dime a dozen, but graphic designers are a nickel a dozen." So do with that what you will.

Dec 23, 20 4:08 pm  · 

ux /ui design in tech. I know architects that moved to this and it pays way better than architecture

Nov 20, 21 8:55 pm  · 

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