Floorplan design for Childcare Center


Does anyone have much experience with daycares or preschools? I am converting an existing building into a preschool/daycare for 2-5 year old. 

The building codes and legal requirements for the build-out are pretty intense. I have been following the GSA design guidelines but it has been most difficult to fulfil all the requirements. 

The biggest challenge is the separate service entrance. The only option I could find was to put a backdoor out of the kitchen and a pathway around to the side gate. This will have a buzzer entry for food delivery people to deliver supplies. 

The problem is that this pathway intersects with the preschoolers access doors to the playground. I don't know if the licensing body will approve this design.

The only alternative I could think of was to relocate the kitchen to the front right of the building, however the cost of plumbing and electrical will blow the budget.

My design is attached. Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated. 

Apr 23, 20 12:42 pm
Chad Miller

It depends on the state and county requirements for a daycare. 

1.  Location

2.  Number of children at what ages?

3.  Clear indoor and outdoor play area - these range depending on the level of care your providing and your state / county requirements.  An average of 50sf per child is required for indoor and 35 sf per child for outdoor space. 

4.  Area to provide food / cook - may be required to be separate room.

5.  Area for changing of diapers /  soiled clothing.   may be required to be separated from the classroom area (aka where the other kids are) 

6.  Add a fence around the outdoor space - make sure to provide the correct number and size exits per code.  

7.  Toilet rooms - you'll need adult and child sized fixtures to meet code - dependent on number of kids and local requirements.  

Apr 23, 20 2:25 pm  · 

Thanks for your reply Chad. I’m guessing you didn’t see the graphic design I posted which already outlines all of the subjects you’ve mentioned.

However, your point 3 is incorrect. Licensing requirements state that an early childhood program must have 35 square feet of usable indoor activity space per child, and 75 square feet of accessible outdoor space.

As a stated in my initial post, the element I’m having difficulty with is the service entry, which intersects the children’s outdoor play space. I am not too sure if my design will be approved by DSS for this reason.

Apr 26, 20 12:43 am  · 

Hello! I understand. I am a civil engineer, but I work in a design company. We do redesigns for schools. It seems like some constructor firms do not follow the main rules and requirements. There are too narrow doors or too little lighting in the classrooms. That is why, do not worry, you do a great job. By the way, I like your solutions made in the project. My kid goes to a good Kindergarten Brooklyn called Little Scholars. I like their interior, I guess they are quite a new center in a branch, that is why it looks more reliable than our previous daycare. I appreciate it when designers care about people, and not just trying to get their money.

Jan 13, 21 9:10 am  · 

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