Adjustable desk/table recommendations?


I'm working more at home lately, and would like some physical flexibility.

Does anyone recommend any particular adjustable-height desk or table?  Or any thoughts on relevant issues-- durability, functionality, capacity, cost?  (Some of them look so cheaply made.)  Anyone already work at one and love it?  Hate it?

Thanks for any info.

Apr 17, 20 4:59 pm

I looked seriously at the one wirecutter recommended, but decided now is not the time to spend on a desk...when finances get better

Apr 19, 20 1:41 pm  · 
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I've got this desk. Built like a tank, but get the casters, big difference.

Feb 21, 21 11:43 am  · 
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Are you a leaner, b3ta? If so, is yours sturdy? That's a concern of mine. (The photos show all the 140-lb. users nicely standing away and only resting a hand or two on the desktop.)

Feb 21, 21 6:50 pm  · 
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Yep, I got the commercial version.

Feb 21, 21 7:59 pm  · 
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I've been using a Fully Jarvis desk for over a year now and it has been a dream to use:

Simple to set up as well.

Apr 19, 20 2:27 pm  · 
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I prefer to just build a bar height desk and use a bar stool.  I bounce back and forth from sitting in the stool and standing.  Desk is stable nothings moving up and down. Large heavy surface with a nice eased edge . I feel more comfortable drawing by hand when standing.  I also feel more comfortable at a bar. It's a cheaper option especially when you want something large enough to lay full sheets, and a couple monitors / computers. 

Apr 19, 20 3:39 pm  · 

The old school is the best school.

Apr 19, 20 4:10 pm  · 

I have this and love it

Apr 20, 20 5:37 pm  · 
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