What's the closest thing to an international architectural license?


Hey guys,

I've been thinking about this question for a while and could not find anything that answers it, so thought I would just ask.
This question is anchored to my background. Growing up between two countries, and later in life having moved to yet another two countries, I do not see myself settling down any time soon which is not ideal in terms of getting licensed as architect.

And of course there is the argument that getting a license is not mandatory and so on, but having spent 7 years now on my academic education alone, I would really like to have some sort of closure (also the right to call myself an architect ;) )

So far it seems RIBA Part 3 is the next best thing short of a true international license, as it is recognized by at least 3 separate locales (UK, UAE and HK), just wondering if there are any better options I have missed?

Also, I would be very eager to hear from someone who has experience getting their Part 3 in HK! I am currently based in London, have Part 2 "equivalent" (BArch from the States and post-grad MArch from the UK which does not count towards a Part 2... sigh ), have 2 years of professional experience and am very much looking for a change of scenery.

Any input would be welcome!

Mar 10, 20 8:01 pm
Non Sequitur

Get one license the normal way and then seek professional reciprocity in the other jurisdictions. 7 years in academia is not unique. It's the norm for most of us anyways so it's not like you're a special case.  Pick a spot, put in real work, write exams, get license, repeat. No shortcuts.

Mar 10, 20 8:08 pm  · 

Or be filthy rich.

Mar 11, 20 7:20 am  · 
Non Sequitur

Or more specifically, have filthy rich parents.


be famous, win a pritzker, marry a heir. not necessarily in that order.

Mar 11, 20 1:53 pm  · 

There isn't such a thing as an international architectural license. The closest thing is a country that does't have an architect licensing system.

Mar 11, 20 5:44 pm  · 

The closest thing that I can think of is APEC Architect. You need to be registered in your home country then you are eligible to get mutual recognition within APEC economic region. Google it yourself OP.

Not too sure if Europe has something similar though.

Mar 14, 20 3:11 am  · 

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