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I created my first house drawing. Comments / Critique is highy appreciated.

Thanks You

Feb 26, 20 1:59 pm

Lotta hot door-on-door action going on.

Feb 26, 20 2:00 pm

Definitely looks like a first drawing :D

Seriously though, switch your kitchen and drawing room around. Bathrooms on the corner is a bit odd if you have views there, do get you want to keep the service walls together though. Also need a public bathroom, for guests/visitors (would you want them walking through your bedroom every time?).

Try using different lineweights too, if possible in whichever program that is.

Feb 26, 20 2:07 pm

Welp your first house drawing is guaranteed to suck, this is no different. 

Feb 26, 20 2:07 pm
Non Sequitur

North should always be at the top of the page.

Feb 26, 20 2:14 pm

Unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere.


I would still put north up when in southern hemispheric


Walls should have a width.

Feb 26, 20 2:25 pm

Don’t quit your day job. 

Feb 26, 20 3:09 pm

Save yourself from certain death and hire a design professional. 

For F--- sake, don't be so cheap. If you can even afford to build a house that meets your needs then you have no legitimate excuse EVER to not be able to hire a design professional.... be it an architect, building designer (sometimes called residential designers or home designers in some areas), engineer, etc.

Simply put, get a design professional to do this if this is for a real project intended to be built.

Feb 26, 20 9:50 pm

this layout is bizarre despite being very ordinary in shape and size. who is the house for? what's on the upper floor?

Feb 26, 20 10:32 pm

I would assume bedrooms. Not indicated but that is what makes sense to me. Then again, the person probably didn't even thought that far with anything in detail.


Good first drawing!

 I would look at floor plans on dezeen and see how the pros do their's and incorporate some ideas.

Mar 10, 20 7:43 pm

shit And you know it that's why you commanded something's a main entrance

Mar 10, 20 8:11 pm

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