Tadao Ando Malibu $75 million


Recently built for a financier who has decided to sell

Feb 25, 20 8:48 am
Chad Miller

Beach front baby!  Too bad I don't like beaches in California.  

Feb 25, 20 10:08 am

Whaaaat? You don’t like bathing on leaked sewage from Tijuana? It’s good for the immune system.

Chad Miller

You first . . . .


Pacific currents on the west coast run North to South. So you're bathing in Oxnard's sewage.


Not true. I was in SD a few months ago and the beaches were closed because of leaked sewage from Tijuana.


It may be a seasonal thing...


Malibu is 150 miles north of San Diego.


Jlax you vacationed in Imperial beach? Ja Ja JA JA JA!


I'm not sure, is that the actual residence for sale? Because two come up, and that one pictured doesn't look like it would fetch nearly that. Meanwhile there's apparently another 40,000sf Ando house in Malibu... at least from what I can tell. The photos are all pretty unclear.

Feb 25, 20 12:47 pm

The one pictured is the one for sale. Here is an article:

Feb 25, 20 1:16 pm
Chad Miller

Hanging up pictures in that house must be an ordeal.  

Feb 25, 20 1:41 pm

Sticky tack

atelier nobody

No prob...


the ocean is the pictures


and, sculptures!

Chad Miller

Naw. The ocean is a big wet spot that wants to drown you.


$18,750/sf for those too lazy to do the math.

I don't know. If you have 75 million to buy a house with, you're either looking for more space, and/or going to commission your own. I imagine it'll drop several million every year until it finally sells.

Feb 25, 20 6:50 pm

Houses on that stretch of malibu road typically sell around $5-10m.  Zillow estimate is at around $10m. 

75 million is crazy - If I had that much money laying around for a vacation house I'd tear down one of his neighbor's houses in a much more desirable spot and build something new.

Feb 26, 20 4:43 pm

Considering they'll all have to deal with erosion sometime, I'd suggest a nearby hillside.

we're in this together

but then the fire'll get ya!


A few caryatids, and dentals, and I know who might pony up some cash.

Feb 26, 20 9:43 pm



Damned phone.

we're in this together

beta you know barack hussain obama?!? i'm impressed!

looks cozy. 

Feb 26, 20 10:55 pm

There is a much larger Ando house on a much larger parcel a bit further north on PCH in Malibu.  I got to tour it maybe eight years ago, since we know the GC well.  I think it was under construction for nearly a decade, and I’m certain the cost was close to $100M.  

Feb 27, 20 8:56 am

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