Opinions about a weird studio name.

Hi Guys.

Need your urgent and professional opinion, I had a design studio with a partner for the past 4 years, but we had to split currently, I wanted to pursue my passion and focus more residential architecture, the idea of designing a Home has been taking over me for the past years.

I've been learning marketing and branding a bit for the past years, we're in a crowded market, and I cant cater just locally, I also read a book called "Purple cow" which says simply that "All marketing strategies are hardly effective now a days, you need to stand out, be a purple cow"

So after a long thinking and going back and forth between names, I feel the force with this design studio name : WeMakeHomes.

I feel that its strong, to the point, cuts a long distance to explain what you're doing, and send a clear message.

On the other hand I got some feedback that it sounds commercial , like a furniture store, like IKEA for example, I know it might feel like that, but, I feel that we're in a different era, names and words are all over the place, and a new approach like that might help.

I know it all depends on the content and the quality of work after all, but a good name might help.

Need your opinions.

Thank you

Feb 25, 20 11:07 pm
wurdan freo

Are you actually going to build the houses or are you going to design them or both? If just design, then maybe... We Design Homes would be more accurate. Also using the word "make" seems much more oriented to the family unit. For example, "My wife and I made a home of it". While you could have a definite impact on it, seems a bit out of line to step into that realm of the home making process. I would think that We Build Homes would be more accurate and appropriate. 

Not mentioned above is the use of the word We at the beginning of the name. Unfortunately, it could be too closely related to WeWork or WeLive which would not be a good association at this point. 

I don't get the association of strength with We Make Homes. Maybe there is a vision or feeling you are associating with the phrase but it's not translated in the phrase itself. I would keep trying. Personally I like

Home Design Studio

Feb 25, 20 11:55 pm
( o Y o )


Feb 25, 20 11:59 pm



I like Purple Cow Studio. Good job.

Feb 26, 20 12:49 am
Wood Guy

How about NewApproach Home Design?

I'm guessing that you might not be in the US? In the US, "homemaker" is an outdated term for a stay-at-home partner, usually the wife. And "making" implies construction, not design. If you don't want to use the word design, planning means essentially the same thing to most people. 

Feb 26, 20 8:54 am
Chad Miller

What about Younis Home Design?  

Feb 26, 20 9:25 am

or HomesMakeUs

Feb 26, 20 10:37 am


Feb 26, 20 10:45 am

Homes R Us

the R needs to be reversed

Feb 26, 20 11:23 am


Feb 26, 20 11:27 am

This seems like the opposite of a stand-out purple cow, because "we make homes" is already the slogan of several other companies around the world, and "" is the domain of a Canadian contractor/developer with several pages of search results.  Your potential clients would have some trouble finding and researching you, and you'd be fighting a constant SEO battle. 

Even if it weren't already heavily used, it's not particularly memorable - it's the kind of blah phrase that, if someone tries to remember it to look up later, might be vaguely recalled as "we build homes", "we make houses", and many other near-miss variations - all of which are also used as the names or catchphrases of multiple companies worldwide - so your potential clients are likely to have to struggle to find you, and in the process may reflect on your unoriginality. 

Feb 26, 20 11:28 am

This is correct. I would recommend a more distinct name, such as "Fartface 5000," or "Unibrowed Third Baseman"



Feb 26, 20 11:28 am


Feb 26, 20 11:48 am


Feb 26, 20 2:10 pm

Thanks guys, your comments were helpful

Feb 27, 20 7:11 am

You are welcome. 

BTW in my language Hesham means 'we took a shit'. 

Feb 27, 20 2:15 pm

what language would that be


Chad Miller

Actually I believe it's a sub dialect of the racist asshole language of headupassistan

I wonder what kind of weird language associates "We" with "took a shit" ! :D , in what scenario would you use that word ?! :D

Wood Guy

^ HY for the win ;-)



I'll send an invoice.

Feb 28, 20 11:38 am
Wilson, Duke of RFIs


Mar 6, 20 12:57 pm
atelier nobody

Younique Studio

Mar 6, 20 5:48 pm

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