China corona virus and architecture

How is your firm dealing with the China and world pandemic?

Feb 19, 20 11:03 pm
Non Sequitur

We have a number of shipment delays of goods, mostly lighting, that are held at the ports right now.  It's putting a strain on construction schedules.

Feb 19, 20 11:26 pm

That sounds like the usual. It is affecting shipment of ANY product made in China to be shipped to U.S. If anything, I would recommend working with the stakeholders about re-adjusting construction schedule for the unforeseen impact of something outside of control. If delays are not super significant, it could be a situation for critical path adjustments. Project managers should be able to make adjustments and if possible still reach the final milestone deadline. 

Feb 19, 20 11:54 pm

Just a few basic measures.

Feb 21, 20 12:19 pm

Haven't noticed anything yet.

Feb 21, 20 12:24 pm

Nothing yet. Give it a few months. We had assume issues with steel tariffs a couple years ago but nothing major. Some other big local projects that used a lot of steel were set back many months.

Feb 21, 20 4:00 pm
Our Chinese clients have another excuse to not pay us...
Feb 22, 20 1:30 pm

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