"Hot Walls Sheathed" ?


What the hell is a hot wall?

Feb 18, 20 3:08 pm

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atelier nobody

Probably in the backup for the form you are trying to fill out.

Feb 18, 20 3:18 pm
Non Sequitur

Likely this is referring to exterior insulation boards (ie. rigid xps or eps) on your perimeter walls given the placement of the question.  It also could simply refer to plywood/osb sheathing.  I know some builders cheap out and only use rigid insulation with steel straps in lieu of ply.

Feb 18, 20 3:20 pm
Wood Guy

This is the only thing that pops up on google for me, other than this thread: Apparently, in Texas, attic kneewalls are called hot walls. 

Feb 18, 20 3:32 pm
we're in this together

it's a wall built out of asbestos and/or lead

Feb 18, 20 4:59 pm
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"Hot wall" is a term used by RESNET meaning any second story wall having conditioned space one side and attic space on the other.  Knee walls are one type of hot wall - but knee walls are typically defined as supporting/perpendicular to the rafters and 1 to 3 feet tall, whereas a hot wall can be any height and is not necessarily positioned perpendicular to the rafters.

Feb 18, 20 5:01 pm
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Hot Walls, Sheathed

Tin Roof, Rusted

Feb 18, 20 7:25 pm

This reminds me. I need to sheath my hot walls.

Feb 18, 20 7:37 pm

is "hot wall" like "hot dish"?

Feb 18, 20 7:44 pm

"Walls... so hawt right now..."

Feb 18, 20 7:45 pm
( o Y o )

a picture is worth 1,000 words

Feb 18, 20 8:12 pm

Hot Walls Unsheathed... there's your porn title.

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