Need help with abstract model



I’m taking a course in architecture for beginners. Got a task to express the feeling/attributes of a ginger in a 3D-model. 

I have nothing going in my head and have been at it for 10 hours... 


Feb 11, 20 5:52 pm

you need a motif.  let me sketch something up just keep checking back and we'll get through this.

Feb 11, 20 6:07 pm

As a ginger, I am offended by this prompt.

Feb 11, 20 6:39 pm

well don't just sit there, tell them how you feel!


Got 40 bucks?

Feb 11, 20 6:55 pm
Non Sequitur

use shipping containers. It’s super unique and original. 

Feb 11, 20 6:57 pm

Set them down gingerly and say you've reinterpreted the design brief.


Can ship gingerale, but that's it, just say no to seacans

Chad Miller

Ginger as in the root or ginger as in light skinned, red-headed, freckle monster that is a person?  

Oh wait, they'd both have the same types of feelings / attributes.  

Feb 11, 20 7:19 pm

Well fuck you too, Chad.

Chad Miller

Could be worse. You could be Minnesotan like me. .


as Kahn said, you have to let the ginger speak. What does ginger want to be?

Feb 11, 20 8:50 pm

I want to be an Architect!

Chad Miller

Whenever I hear that Kahn line I always think the brick wants to be thrown through a window. Just me?

atelier nobody

So, you're a deconstructivist, Chad?

Chad Miller

Guess so.


Add some eyes and a frown, add some red at the tip. Now its a real ginger. 

Feb 12, 20 3:28 pm

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