How do you do motif? I’m lost. Need help please.
Feb 11, 20 3:16 pm

just design something you like then figure out what it is later

Feb 11, 20 3:20 pm
Non Sequitur

You're in school to learn.  You won't learn by being lazy and asking questions online.  Get outta here and try to design something.  Then when that's done, do it another 20 times.  Repeat again for a few hours. Then, if it's still hard after several revisions, then go ask your professor and fellow studio peers.

Lazy student is lazy

Feb 11, 20 3:25 pm

You should collect all the times you've said something akin to "Lazy student is lazy" and publish a compilation. Surely, at this point you've answered every conceivable iteration of the "Can you help me with my homework?" question.

Non Sequitur

Maybe I can post it as a job on Fivr and get someone to search the forum and pull all the comments. At least some of the lazy one-liners have brief (but obvious) additional content.


Has the person ever did google search for motif and what the word means and look at literary and visual example? If the OP don't get it in my point written below.... the OP is indeed lost.


"How do you do motif? I’m lost. Need help please"

Help Help.... how do one do a motif. Help Please. Needy needs. I'm lost and in need of help. Help Help Help Please.


Feb 11, 20 5:29 pm

If you're not sure, your motif is 'squares' and everything you design should be a square shape. Cured!

Feb 11, 20 8:56 pm
atelier nobody

You went to Yale, didn't you?


only to visit some of the buildings...


by knowing what your design means, not everyone will see it but when they do dos equis

Feb 13, 20 12:25 am

circle circle dot dot.

Feb 13, 20 10:04 am

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