Interior designer to architect


Hi, is it possible for an interior designer to become an architect? E.g. You have a bachelors in interior design then get a masters in arch

Jan 26, 20 3:33 am

If its relevant I'm in Australia 

Jan 26, 20 3:34 am
Non Sequitur

we already gave you the answer in your other post. 

Jan 26, 20 7:49 am

you are really persistent on this topic aren't ya haha

Jan 27, 20 10:50 pm
Non Sequitur

Maybe they really regret not going to arch school in the first place.


Although the work of interior architects sometimes overlaps with that of interior designers, the fields are not the same.

Jan 28, 20 6:51 pm
Non Sequitur

Int arch is just int des rebranded.


I thought architect was a protected term? People with degrees in architecture can't use the word but interiors people can????

Non Sequitur

Depends. It’s not a term I’ve seen used anywhere in practice. Seems it’s a marketing thing for int des schools.

atelier nobody

Here in California, an interior designer (whether certified or not) can move around non-bearing partitions as long as it doesn't affect the building structurally and doesn't affect fire 7 life safety - as soon as either of those lines is crossed you need an architect. I suppose you could call this a difference between ID & IA.

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