Interior architecture vs interior design


Hi  I have come across a few interior architecture courses are they any different to interior design? 

Jan 24, 20 12:04 am
Non Sequitur

no. Int arch is just rebranded int des. 

Jan 24, 20 6:05 am

thanks not sure if I should post a new thread for this but do you know if its possible to be an architect after studying interior architecture? e.g. you get a bachelor of interior architecture, then is it possible to do a masters of architecture and be a fully licensed architect?

Jan 24, 20 6:19 am
Non Sequitur

Maybe. It’s entirely dependent on the regulations in your area but there are several accredited M.arch degrees that accept anyone with a bachelor as long as they have the grades and portfolio to make the admin cut.

atelier nobody

Yes, it is.

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