Job prospects interior designer vs architect


What's the market like for jobs in interiors vs architect? I heard the pay is around the same but one person said top interior designers can charge more. I'm deciding between studying between the two but am leaning toward interior design, I heard studying for arch is a lot harder. 

Jan 20, 20 10:51 pm

Which one do you like/enjoy more???

You are basically saying that you are leaning towards interior design because it's supposedly "easier" to study and can get you slightly more $. Please don't tell me you are basing your decision off which gets paid more.

Jan 21, 20 3:08 am

For an architect my main concern is doing routine boring work that doesn't require much creativity. Working for a company not sure what the work would entail. As an interior designer I would think that is more of a guarantee to be doing something creative. I want to have individual creative expression. 

Jan 21, 20 6:31 am
Non Sequitur

How do you feel about moving around work station/cubicles and picking fabric patterns? The reality is, you can do int des with an arch background but not the other way around. Sure, there are tedious problem solving aspects, but that’s part of the challenges of the job. Putting buildings together in a meaningful way takes effort, shopping for furniture on your client’s dime does not.


Interior designers? More like interior desecraters!

Jan 21, 20 10:29 am
Chad Miller

All the interior designers I've worked with did much more than pick material colors.  They space planed, programmed, wrote specs and did interior details 

Jan 21, 20 11:03 am
Non Sequitur

Chad, my comment above was to highlight that there are also routine and "boring" work in int-des that may not fall in the creative freedom ambition of the OP.

Chad Miller

Sorry for not being more clear. I wasn't disputing that interior design will have 'boring' work, it will have loads of that. It was in response to leonizer's idiotic response.


Beware of interior design programs that are too easy.   If you don't learn much and graduate poorly trained with little to no skills, you will have a hard time finding a job.  The slacker interior design students I know mostly went on to work in furniture stores in the mall or drafting layouts in kitchen cabinet stores.

Jan 21, 20 1:23 pm

Be advised that is is possible in the USA for persons holding architecture degrees to acquire an interior design license via work experience and taking the NCIDQ examination.   There is really not an equivalent route for interior design graduates to get an architecture license without having to return to college for an architecture degree.

Jan 21, 20 1:29 pm

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