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team, i am an asbuilt surveyor and i was asked to measure a building and take elevations/ my architect asked to obtain the soil line locations as well. one level is below grade like down a hill/

when my architect refers to "soil line"  does he means the slope of the ground foundation?

Jan 20, 20 2:15 pm
Chad Miller

Why not ask your client?  

Jan 20, 20 2:53 pm
Non Sequitur

You should ask your architect this question... also, you should probably not accept a scope of work with terms/request you're not familiar with.

Jan 20, 20 3:05 pm

Are you a 1) surveyor surveyor, or 2) someone who draws existing conditions?

If 1), then he's probably asking for topography. 

If 2), ballpark where the soil hits the building for the entire perimeter

Either way, Chad has good advice.

"As-builts" typically take on a legal definition, so I'd be wary of using that term as a replacement for traditional "existing conditions" drawings.

Jan 20, 20 3:10 pm

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