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I'm currently living in Japan and I've been becoming more and more interested in becoming an Architect when my job here is up. My degree is in English and I don't really have any building/design experience other than the odd project I've cooked up around the house. 

I'm planning on taking the GRE, getting into a grad school and doing a 3 year degree.

Currently the tasks I see before me are learning as much as I can about architecture, studying for the GRE, and building a respectable portfolio that I can submit for school. 

Is there anything else I should be looking into or working on? I'd really like to go speak with an architect, but seeing as I'm in Japan and don't speak Japanese I feel like I should wait. I've also read about the AXP, but I'm not sure if that's something I can work on now or if I should wait until I'm back in America for that.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. 

Jan 20, 20 11:11 pm

There may be a few things in the AXP while in Japan (not entirely sure) that you could do but largely wait until you are back in the U.S. for most of the AXP stuff.

Jan 20, 20 11:42 pm

I figured. In the meantime I guess I'll keep on this big stack of books and making something resembling the first draft of a portfolio.

Focus on portfolio. Everything else comes second to this, and you’ll thank yourself later
Jan 20, 20 11:58 pm

Okay that seems easy enough. I'll get to it.


Look through M.Arch 1 applications to Ivy League (or the like) schools to get a good idea of where you should be. Also, since you’re not coming from an arch background, your portfolio will be viewed along side others who do not have arch backgrounds. Sounds great, but many of these people have strong art backgrounds which gives them an upper hand in presentation. Just a word of caution to know that you’ll have some serious competition out there and not all of them are online posting their stuff.



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