Tattoo Parlor Design

Hey everyone,

Wondering if any architects out there have ever been a part of design for a small (under 1000sf) tattoo studio. Were there any lessons learned? What's your experience on carrying insurance for a project like this? Any advice on this subject? 

If not involved in the design but you have experience with tattoos, what kind of things would you recommend to include in the design?

If it helps any , this is a project for an old high school classmate, out here in Massachusetts. I did find a few sources on the internet geared towards a tattoo shop startup but mainly as an owner's perspective.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Jan 16, 20 12:39 pm
Chad Miller

Are you a licensed architect?

Jan 16, 20 12:46 pm

Michael DiSalvatore is a Registered Architect and graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology, having received a Masters in Architecture.

IA Interior Architects, Boston, Project Architect

Overseeing design projects from planning phase to construction completion.

Sidework Michael?

Jan 16, 20 1:17 pm
Chad Miller

doh! How did I miss the blue?

Chad Miller

Cleanable surfaces similar to a hospital. 

Ventilation system if they do scarring.

Lighting that has good color rendering.

208v outlets at the tattoo stations

Hazardous storage space (check with local building department).

Jan 16, 20 1:58 pm

Thanks for the input!
Yes I've been registered for about 2 years, this would be a little side piece.


A place to put all of the stuff that you don't need during your appointment. A place for coat/purse/shirt/pants etc.. like cubbies basically? I always found myself not really having anywhere to put my stuff

Chad Miller

It might be a good idea to have small (12" 12") lockers for clients. Just an idea.

Go get a tat and you'll see what's required.

Jan 16, 20 4:45 pm
Non Sequitur

Face tats are all the rage these days. Why not jump in with the cool kids?


I worked as a body piercer in a tattoo shop for av decade, and now I'm an architect. Have done some design work (complete renovation) of a shop, just as I was first starting in architecture which was fun. 

Just for shits and giggles, I can probably offer some advice if you have specific questions....

Jan 16, 20 6:52 pm

I've done a tattoo studio. You need to speak with the local health department first.

Jan 16, 20 8:18 pm

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