What does your job search process look like?

Daniel da Rocha

I'm curious about how people go about searching for a new job. Especially regarding tools and processes... how did you do it in your last job search?

For me, last time it was location-based. I picked a city where I wanted to live and looked for all the architecture offices in that city on Google or Architizer;

looked at all offices' websites to see how I liked it; applied to all of them, either to job openings or unsolicited. didn't really look at job boards...

I kept track of everything on a Google Sheet. I had an email template where I changed some information to make it more "personal" for each application. I sent the same portfolio and resume PDF to every company. My email inbox was a mess with so many emails with the same subject line.

Got some interviews, but found the job with one of the unsolicited applications.

(BTW, that was back in 2010...)

How about you? How did you do it the last time? Or, if you are currently looking, what's your process?

Jan 15, 20 9:19 pm

show up like a g

Jan 16, 20 9:00 am
Daniel da Rocha


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