Parasite *spoiler alert*



Jan 5, 20 8:44 pm

good article about the modern house set:

it's about LEVELS, man!

I wish I could find a still of the grifter family under the coffee table, because that's it in a condensed sort of way: people compressed at the lower level, trapped by those above (in this case on the sofa).

Jan 6, 20 2:07 pm

communication is another interesting topic and the devolution depicted herein.  you get the grifter family stealing wifi at the very beginning, then the TB housekeeper whose hubby is hiding below the basement and her use of the intercom/video to get in to get food to her hubby, and finally the use of morse code the hidden hubby uses by tapping the light seen in the photo above.

you could take any number of themes and write all sorts of symbolic 10th grade essays on this film.  great stuff!

Jan 6, 20 6:38 pm

Bong Joon-ho said this is his 'stairway' movie.  So true!

who knew there would be an additional stairway below the basement OMG!?!  Upstairs/Downstairs but a hidden down to stairs below the downstairs ... the HELL?!?

how could the housekeeper's husband live/hide like that?

Jan 13, 20 4:54 pm

i  wonder if the screenplay is available somewhere

Jan 14, 20 7:53 pm

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