Curtain Wall Height

I work in a project that distance between slabs is 15 meter in some areas (to Form an atrium ), and we considering curtain wall, my question is what type of curtain wall that goes that height without steel structure except mullions if there any, if there is not what is my other options?  

Dec 12, 19 3:45 pm

Call the local YKK rep. 

15 meters (almost 50 feet) is impossible without steel structure. 

Dec 12, 19 4:26 pm
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You'll need some pretty beefy horizontal girts to break that span into 2 or 3 sections.  Wind-load will be a bitch to compensate for.  typical curtainwall products will not do this.  You should know this already if you're working on a such projects.

Dec 12, 19 4:52 pm

Cable-tensioned systems could do that. Here's an example of one that is approximately 45 meters (150 feet) tall. I mean technically there is stainless steel, but you got to have something.

Dec 12, 19 4:58 pm
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I was just thinking about this one but could not remember the name. I remember walking through it many years ago.


That's like a meter deep aluminum mullion, or add some steel. Call some manufacturers!

Dec 12, 19 6:45 pm
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But but, revit let me do it so it must be true.


you could use a reinforced concrete structure i guess, or even wood... or hang the whole thing from the top slab and tolerate a pretty large amount of deflection at the bottom.

if the concern is purely visual and you don't want a secondary structure, you can use steel stiffeners inside the mullions, or even a steel mullion system. but something is going to need to support this, and it won't be a typical 300mm mullion.

there really are so many good ways to do this. look at airport terminal designs for some ideas.

Dec 13, 19 10:12 am

Thank you all, it's really helped me out.

Dec 15, 19 1:39 am

the tokyo international forum by Vinoly uses a robust version of the same approach that everyday architect pointed out. Glass is hung like a curtain from the roof structure, with tensile structure used to withstand lateral loads. expensive but certainly possible.

Dec 15, 19 4:17 am



Might be his only great building.



Dec 16, 19 12:02 pm

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