Difference between M.Arch and M.Sc


I've been looking for universities offering masters course in sustainable architecture. Most of the universities are having M.Sc in sustainable architecture. What is the difference between M.Sc in sustainable architecture and M.Arch in sustainable architecture? Also any suggestions on universities offering M.Arch in Sustainable Architecture.

Dec 10, 19 12:41 pm
Chad Miller

This is for the United States.

M.Arch - should provide you with an accredited degree (check on the program), this means architectural licensing is a much shorter process after graduation (less AXP hours, 3,740).  Also you can be licensed in all 50 state with no additional AXP hours (reciprocity) - isn't an accredited degree, requires way more AXP hours (typically 2.5x, depends on the state), isn't recognized in every state (aka can only become an architect in about 14 states) offers no reciprocity (aka you have to redo your AXP for each state before becoming a licensed architect.  

You can see what the broad licensing requirements are for each state below.  This isn't a complete list of requirements though.

Dec 10, 19 1:06 pm

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