The name of the architect whose building don't look good on pictures?


There was this architect who once said in an interview that his buildings don't look nice on photographs but are designed in such way that it is really nice to be inside of them, 

I believe he was Italian but it might be wrong

anyone know who im talking about?

Dec 6, 19 8:27 pm

Salk institute - you approach from the south east, and it looks like a typical tilt-up in the distance, some place where they make the predator drone - very deceptive

Dec 6, 19 8:46 pm

Good architecture is often difficult to photograph, capture the experience  / detail / emotion of the space is probably more accurate.

- Patkau's Hadaway House

- Erickson's Museum of Anthropology 

- Erickson's Law Courts

Just a couple that come to mind.

Dec 10, 19 1:47 pm

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