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What are the rules/codes for accessories overlapping the clear floor space in single user restroom? 

For example: I have a recessed waste bin that protrudes 4" from the wall and is 14" off the floor, can this bin be located WITHIN the 36" X 48" CFS of the lavatory (or the 56" X 54" CFS of the toilet) or does it need to be located outside of that CFS boundary? 

I understand that from 27" - 80" there's a 4" maximum protrusion, does that apply to this particular case? Personally, I feel that even if the bin is 4" into the CFS and 14" above the floor, that it's impeding.

Thank you. 

Dec 4, 19 11:49 am

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Non Sequitur

4” projection is semi-recessed and yes, it likely is in conflict with minimum clearances. Pro tip: don’t design to the minimum. 

Dec 4, 19 1:26 pm

We literally just talked about that at lunch. It seem that always we start generous but at the end we end up with minimums and potentially having issues.

Non Sequitur

It's a reoccurring discussion here. It gets worse when the junior staff copy/paste and overwrite dimensions.


Thank you. That's what I thought. 
Pro tip taken to the bank. :) 

Dec 4, 19 1:49 pm
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Read ADA and if applicable ANSI or whichever if any additional accessibility codes apply in the jurisdiction you are designing for. The codes are freely available online. Do not rely on an Internet forum for answers. Non sequitur operates in Canada. Rules vary by country and if you’re in the US also by state. Overlaps are allowed, the code explicitly states how and when. Sometimes designing to the minimum is the only option and not necessarily a bad thing. Depends on the situation.
Dec 5, 19 8:01 am
Non Sequitur

Boo urns. Hence why I wrote "it is likely". But yes, our accessible rules are more stringent than the US.

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