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I am currently a 4th year student about to applying to grad schools right now. I attend Texas Tech University and have a 3.5 gpa. Some architecture graduate schools I want to possibly get into are:

1. Rice 2. Yale 3. RISD 4. Princeton 5. UT Austin

I am very involved at TTU and also work as a student recruiter and TA during the school year. I would like to know your opinion/experience on what are my chances -on possibly- getting admitted to any of these colleges. Thanks!

JUL 2, 19 11:27 AM

Nov 22, 19 12:40 am

this is a very weird selection of schools. Princeton and Rice are among the smallest (if not actually the smallest) reputable programs in the US, and as such are extraordinarily competitive for the 10-12 spots at each. maybe you’re the exception, but what I’ve seen from Texas Tech students is rarely competitive for ivies, and if your work is typical for your school it’s probably not expressive enough for RISD. UT Austin is conceivable, but the low tuition/decent ranking brings in tons of applicants, so you still need a killer portfolio. some examples of your work would help to clarify your actual chances, though. 

Nov 22, 19 3:47 pm

So Splines is spot on and generalizes only based on the fact that this is the only option you've left us with/asked us for. Also - I'm a true believer that the work speaks for itself, and the only real way to understand what your chances are against other applicants is to see your design-thinking, design sensibility, rigor and forward-thinking in your portfolio. Simply put, if someone has a 4.0 and a pretty good portfolio, but you have a 3.5/a great portfolio/and are a good fit for the program then it's really self-evident right?

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