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Hey y'all

I am currently a 4th year student about to apply to grad schools in the fall. I attend Texas Tech University and have a 3.5 gpa. Some architecture graduate schools I want to possibly get into are:

1. Rice 2. Yale 3. Harvard GSD 4. UMichigan 5. UCLA 6. USC 7. UC Berkeley 8. MIT

I am very involved at TTU and also work as a student recruiter and TA during the school year. I would like to know your opinion/experience on what are my chances -on possibly- getting admitted to any of these colleges. Thanks!

Jul 2, 19 11:27 am

I'm a Tech grad, and I know at least one Tech grad who attended each of these schools except maybe MIT.  So it is not completely out of reach.  It really just depends on your portfolio, statement, and what you want to do.  I think the GPA is a little low but passable.  Work on getting the best recommendations you can!

If possible, see if you can find other Tech CoA alumni that attended these schools and get their feedback about the program.

Jul 2, 19 2:26 pm

Awesome thanks! yeah I wish my gpa could be better but I came in with a 3.5 because of dual credit and I couldn't ever really recover from that.

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