Populous KC come say hi!

liberty bell

I’m currently sitting in the amphitheater space waiting for my big meeting to start. Come say hello! 

Nov 21, 19 9:47 am


Nov 21, 19 10:47 am
liberty bell

Too late! I’m in a windowless room now for the rest of the day.

Nov 21, 19 10:49 am

Even prison cells have windows.

Nov 21, 19 12:49 pm

Oh sweet they got a Chipotle.

Nov 21, 19 1:18 pm
Non Sequitur

guacamole is extra


Not on the veggie bowl

Non Sequitur

Why would you order that?


Same amount of meat as the chicken and beef bowls! (ba-dum-dum-*symbols*)

Non Sequitur

I am but a chipotle amateur it seems.

vado retro

Bang a Gong, Get It On!

Nov 21, 19 5:42 pm

I once talked to an upper management staff at Art Westport when I was a featured artist. He said he never drafts, and didnt even know autoCAD. I laughed and wonder how he is employable

Nov 30, 19 11:20 pm

DeTwan, upper management make spreadsheets and send emails, in *every* firm. That's how it works. In smaller firms, upper level people may draw.

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